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Guy Marsden

Since the mid 1980's I have been helping artists to engineer their work using my electronics and mechanical design experience.  I see myself as "The Man Behind The Curtain" - a visual metaphor for my business from "The Wizard Of Oz".  I work with all kinds or artists from all over the world, many of whom I have never met in person!   Projects range from small and simple to large scale public art.  You name it, I have either done it or know how to!  As a light sculptor with a 20+ year exhibition history, I know how to communicate with you at your level. (See MY ARTWORK).

I'll be happy to discuss pending projects with you via email or phone.  The more I know about your project, working style and conceptual base the better equipped I will be to save you money on your project.  I try to become a transparent tool in the realization of your work, and will not affect your aesthetic, nor will I seek credit.  I will also educate you about all of the technologies that I feel might be appropriate to your work.  Once it is clear what the job entails I will provide a clear estimate.  I have a sliding scale for artists,
and will always bid the job with your specific budget in mind.  You can easily pay me with PayPal!  If you have public art funding or other funding sources, then you can define the scope of your budget, and I will work within it.  The projects below represent just a token few that I have helped my clients with over the years.

In chronological order, below are a select few of the artist's projects that I have made possible.
And more recently my collaborative work with Dave Bruckenstein.

Pulsar Clock David Bruckenstein
"Pulsar Clock"
March 2024
CryptiClock David Bruckenstein
December 2023
Cyclops clock David Bruckenstein
"Cyclops clock"
June 2023
InclinoClock David Bruckenstein
February 2023
Tall Dots David Bruckenstein
"Tall Dots"
March 2022
three wood "Dots" clocks David Bruckenstein
3 "Dots" in wood
February 2022
Dots - art clock David Bruckenstein
January 2022
Lukie - art clock David Bruckenstein
July 2021
Tom Paiement abstract painting Tom Paiement
"(Barely) Adrift in Maine"
abstract painting
March 2021
Lux clock David Bruckenstein
March 2021
Bulbdial clock David Bruckenstein
December 2020
Cosmos clock David Bruckenstein
September 2020
David Bruckenstein
May 2020
David Bruckenstein
"Mushroom Zoom"
February 2020
David Bruckenstein
"Flames Clock"
November 2019
David Bruckenstein
"Light Guide Clock"
August 2019
David Bruckenstein
"Analog Edge Lit Clock"
March 2019
Therese Lahaie
"Crossing Signal Mosaic" installation
October 2015
Piper Foreso
LED illumination for outdoor glass/steel artwork
March 2011
Guggenheim Foundation
Piano artwork for a fundraiser event
September 2009
Richard Mariconda
Quadraphonic audio mixer
July 2008
Adobe Corporate Lobby
"Digital Paper"
January 2005
Robert Ellison
February 2005
Tom Paiement
"Fret Series #48"
December 2004

Jim Jenkins
"Dime a Dance
Kinetic artwork
June 2004

Mary Tsiongas

outdoor installation work
Rebecca Schwarz
"Solar Nerve"

site specific installation
September 2003
Jim Jenkins
"Deux Carrottes Herueuse"
Kinetic artwork
February 2002
The Little Chair - Jim Jenkins
Jim Jenkins
"The Little Chair"
Kinetic artwork
August 2002
Michael Hayden
fiber optic public art for pedestrian bridge in 
Santa Rosa, CA
Installed May 2002
Michael Flechtner
"Either/Oracle: Yet Another Cownundrum"
Private installation in garage in Los Angeles
installed fall 2001
Milton Komisar 
Kinetic light sculptures
LED illuminated artwork
November, 2000
Seyed Alavi
"Ode to Rumi"
installation installed at
San Bernadino Valley College Gallery
October, 2000
Michael Flechtner
"Better Mousetrap"
Public art neon animation on Wilshire Blvd. at Brockton in 
West Los Angeles, CA
Installed October 9, 1999
Brian Goggin
Permanent site-specific sculpture for 
North SeaTac Park, King County, WA
installed 1999
Michael Hayden - Nashville airport installation
Michael Hayden
LED illuminated public art for Nashville, Tennessee airport
installed November 2000

(includes detailed design and installation story)
Michael Hayden
Neon public artwork installed on the 
Duke Energy building in Charlotte, NC.
installed 1996
Lewis deSoto
Various art installations
1992 - 1998
George Stone
"Unknown, Unwanted, Unconscious, Untitled"
installation 1993...

"We make a living by what we get,
we make a life by what we give."
Winston Churchill

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