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Michael Hayden
at Nashville, Tennessee airport
Installed November 2000


This is the story of the design and installation of "Arpeggio"
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Michael and JD drove all the parts for the sculpture from McCalley's workshop in Venice, California to Nashville in Michael's van in October 2000.  Prior to their arrival a moving scaffold had been rented and installed so that the holographic window film -- an integral part of the artwork -- could be applied by local window installers.  This material is a variant of Michael's patented Spectr@Litetm holographic diffraction glazing.

They planned on 8 to 10 days to install the work.  It took much longer!  The temperatures hovered around freezing and dipped into the teens as they struggled on in many layers of clothing.   Finally deciding that their layers of California attire were not sufficient protection for those temperatures they stopped after completing the primary structure, which was basically only the square tube and all the mounting hardware.  This took over 12 days to assemble with 2 other local laborers helping.

They decided to return when the temperature warmed up.  After waiting 2 weeks it was clear that the temperatures were remaining in the 30s with occasional highs in the 50s, so Michael returned with his son Kit, and JD to complete the electrical and optical installation.

Again they dramatically underestimated the time it would take!  Michael had booked me on a flight to Nashville to help finalize the wiring and programming 4 days after they began work.  That flight was delayed several times as they revised a completion schedule.  Eventually I flew out after they had completed installing only the first 30 feet of lights.  JD and Kit worked methodically along each spiral installing each 20" section piece by piece in near arctic conditions.  This time they were better prepared with thermal clothing, however the working conditions were grueling.  It snowed 2" on the last day of installation!

After 4 working days -- and late nights -- we had the red spiral installed and working -- 1/4 of the wiring!

Due to a previous back injury, Michael was forced to remain on the ground assisting as needed.  At one point we found that we needed to modify all the plastic "saddles" that supported the lights, so Michael used a Dremel tool to carve out the remaining 100 or so parts.

Despite layers of thermal clothing it was cold, hard, grueling work.  Freezing on-site:

JD                            Guy                         Michael                      Kit

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