This is a body of collaborative work that began in May 2004.  Guy begins by turning a vessel from a hard, light colored wood -- typically rock maple.  Guy is primarily concerned with exploring and creating forms that provide a suitable "canvas" for Rebekah.

Rebekah uses dyes, paints and colored pencils to complete the artwork.  The vessel shape acts as a catalyst for her design process replacing the daunting pristine surface of a blank canvas.  As a result she is freed to explore creative ideas with a playful attitude.

Rebekah painting a vessel

Vessel 13

Guy completes each piece with several coats of clear satin lacquer.  Each piece is signed, dated and numbered in order of completion.
We interact by suggesting shapes, design concepts, and colors.  There are many more ideas than we can keep up with!  Stop back soon to see new work.  Select from the list at left to explore our work in chronological order.

The work is all sold at prices ranging from $80.00 to over $350.00.