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Guy Marsden
biographical info

Community work:

Active member of the Midcoast Meeting of Friends (Quakers)
One measure of a man is what he reads.  Below is a list of the magazines and periodicals that I read regularly, and my favorite books of all time.
WIRED Technology Review Nuts & Volts  
Electronic Products Electronic Product News Popular Science Home Power

1955 - Born Boston Massachusetts
Age 3 helping a friend

1959 - Family moved back to England (yes, I'm English)
Young Guy
Family home in Yorkshire and a Very Proper Young Man!

1962-68 - Dubious benefits of British private education system (boarding school)

Hurworth House Preparatory School for Boys

1968 - Moved to Baltimore attended Friends high school

(I was raised a Quaker and remain an active Friend)
1972-76 - Maryland Institute, College of Art, BFA in Photography and woodcrafting
Guy with view camera
My student ID card and  thesis project - "Behemoth View #1" 11 X 14" view camera
1976-78 - Photoprocessing engineer and AV  production, BL labs

1978-79 - Display engineer, Maryland Science  Center

1979 - Moved to Venice, California, to work in  special effects field

1979 - Visual effects engineer "Star Trek, the  Motion Picture"
Posing with the Enterprise
Security badge + posing with the  Enterprise model + the "wormhole" effect that I helped create

1980-84 - Various effects productions including: "Ghost Busters", "2010 The Year We Make Contact", "Brainstorm".

1983-85 - Partner in FX company, YFS productions, various TV shows and movies

YFS Productions crew filming "In Search of  The Holy Grail" episode for "In Search Of..." TV series.

1985 - Pace Colorprints.  I worked for 6 months making Cibachrome and Dye Transfer color pints with one of the industry's best color printmakers; Bob Pace.
1986 - present - Self-employed electrical engineering consultant.

1986 - First sculpture exhibited at the
Museum Of Neon  Art (MONA) Los Angeles

"Dodeca Rockola" neon plasma art jukebox. 6 ft. X 30".  Interactive working jukebox with neon light show. This began a 6+ year exploration of large blown glass artwork with choreographed neon, and also electronic art.

1986 - Built a dye transfer print lab in San Francisco for Frog Prints color lab.
1994 - Moved to artist studio loft Oakland, CA

1997 - Started my wood crafting business.
Craft Show Booth
My furniture booth at a crafts show.  (see my designs)

1998 - Bought first house in Vallejo, CA
Suburban home
The suburban artist's loft!

2001 - Moved to Woolwich, Maine in August.

Country living in in beautiful rural Maine.  (photo from 2012 - house on left)

2003 - Began marketing my Magnetic Levitation Kit from my web site.  Turns out to be a big success selling hundreds of kits a year.
2006 - Installed solar domestic water heating system on our house.

And began maunfacturing
Solar Differential Temperature Controllers - another surprise success.

2008 - Formalized my business as ART TEC LLC in order to take my
solar products to the next level.
2009 - Installed a 3.2kW solar power system on the roof of my workshop.  This system produces about 50% of the electricity needed to run our home and 2 home based businesses on an annual basis.

Introduced new solar differential temperature controller product:

2012 - Expanded my solar power array to 5.2kW and purchased a
Chevy Volt electric vehicle that I charge from the solar array.

I try to live a simple life in keeping with my
Quaker beliefs.
 I work to raise awareness for a sustainable life style and to help others to reduce their non-renewable energy consumption.