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products on the market that I designed

Prototype image Product Description Production image

Completed prototype
I designed the proof of concept working prototypes for this product in 2009 for LandMarc Products.  It went on the market for the Christmas 2011 season.  It attaches to the Christmas tree trunk and plays "Jingle Bells" when the water level is low which is sensed by the brass electodes.  Provided with the kit are a tube and funnel that make watering easier - no groveling under the tree!

TreeNanny product

My prototype used through-hole components, and the manufacturer simply re-designed it using miniature surface mount versions and the same code and basic design.  They added ears to the plastic housing so it could be strapped to the tree with a loop of Velcro™ tape.
Prototype image Product Description Production image
Jigglit concept model
Client's original concept

LCD prototype
Prototype LCD screen

Prototype electronics unfolded
Prototype electronics unfolded
I developed this product prototype in collaboration with Tarlow Design in California.  The idea is this is similar to a magic eight ball, you press a button and then shake it and it will give you a response on the screen and audibly in a friendly voice.  The client had created an original concept which was much smaller than was practical to actually fabricate.  My first working prototype is shown at left displaying one of many responses.  We started with a device that would only display text on a screen, and later added a speaker for the voice playback as well.

This product sells for $20 and is doing quite well on the market and a percentage of the sales go to support charities.

Jigglit product
Prototype image Product Description Production image
SAMI prototype electronics
prototype electronics
SAMI (Safety Automated Monitoring Instrument)
I developed a first proof of concept prototype electronics for this device which is designed as a self-contained autonomous emergency shutdown system for wellhead valves equipped with pneumatic or hydraulic actuators. The SAMI uses a microprocessor to monitor a variety of pressures, temperatures, levels and other signals to control the master and wing valve actuation to close on alarm or via command from the communication system.   The device operates from a solar charged battery and can send emergency signals to a head office.
SAMI II station
Prototype image Product Description Production image
Nervana prototye electronics
I worked on this product for over a year. It is a very sophisticated device that connects to a music player and special earbuds that stimulate pleasurable sensations in sync with music.

Nervana product photo
Nervana product
Prototype image Product Description Production image

I developed electronics in collaboration with PRG Prototyping in 2012.  It is a light that straps around a camera lens to get a child's attention and it also makes musical sounds.  This product is not yet on the market.

prototype in use

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