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Media coverage
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Creative Maine magazine
September 2021
"Re-Facing Time"
"Bulbdial Clock" Creative_Maine_article_page Interview article about the collaborative clocks I am making with Dave Bruckenstein
Bangor Daily News
September 27, 2018
"Modern day treasure hunters unearth the unexpected in Maine"
  Article about my metal detecting hobby.
Treasure Hunting Magazine
August 2018  p.15
British TV Series Helps Locate American Wedding Ring
My article about recovering a friends lost wedding ring with my metal detector.
Home Power Magazine
./Jul. 2011 p.64-67
"Maximize your mileage"
My article shares tips for optimizing MPG in hybrid vehicles.
 Inventor's Digest Magazine
April 2011, page 34-5
"Get Rich Slow! How to Plod Your Way to Prosperity"
My article about developing a new product and starting a small mail order business and growing it carefully.
Home Power Magazine
Dec./Jan. 2011 p.54-58
"Getting Charged up with Chevy's Volt"
My review of the Chevy Volt for Home Power
WIRED Autopia
August 4, 2010
Review of the Chevy Volt
electric vehicle
>>> As a winner of the WIRED Volt challenge, I test drove the Volt in Detroit, and reviewed it for the Autopia blog
Home Power Magazine
Aug./Sept. 2010 p.54-56
"Beyond Your Utility Meter Three Energy Monitors for Your Toolbox"
My article reviews residential electric energy monitoring tools
Home Power Magazine
April/May 2010 p.50-56
"Microinverters Make a Simple DIY Installation"
My article about installing a 3.6KW solar array using Enphase microinverters
mapawatt blog
guest post:
Solar Powered Differential Temperature Controllers
  I explain the premise of off-grid solar heating and why you need a controller.
Popular Science Magazine
July 2008, p.45

"10 Audacious Ideas to
Save the Planet"
    My solar lawnmower conversion is mentioned as one of 10 ideas to save the planet. 
 Inventor's Digest Magazine
February 2008, page 24-5
"Flip the switch..."
Inventor's Digest cover 2-08 ID aticle 2-08 My article discusses electronic product development and stresses keeping it simple.
Home Power Magazine
"Solar Heat UPGRADE"
June/July 2007, pages 88-92
My article describes my learning experiences with my home built solar augmented heating system over the last 6 years.
Woodturning Design Magazine
"Improved Sandmaster"
Fall 2006, pages 79-82
My article shows how to construct a new head for the Sorby Sandmaster tool that contains ball bearing support for the shaft.
Servo Magazine
"Hacking a Zip-Zap
for remote control"
August 2006, pages 72-4
My article describes how to repurpose the remote control electronics in a radio controlled toy.

The Coastal Journal
Midcoast, Maine
June 22, 2006
The "Then" and "Now" of using the sun's energy

Article in local weekly paper features my solar heating and solar powered lawn mower.

September 2, 2005
"He plugs his lawnmower into the sun"
Article in local paper about the lawn mower that I converted to run on solar electric power.
The Enterprise
March 20, 2005
"Against all odds - Mainer actually made money on his invention"
Article on cover of Sunday MONEY section features me as a rare example of an inventor who profits from his idea.
IEEE Control Systems Magazine
October 2004, page 65
"Low-Cost Magnetic
Levitation Project Kits"
IEEE Control Systems Magazine October 2004 cover

Authors: K.H. Lundberg, K.A. Lillienkamp, G.T. Marsden.

Paper describes the use of an inexpensive experiment to teach analysis and design in undergraduate feedback courses.

 Inventor's Digest Magazine
Oct.-Dec. 2004, page 27
"Less Can Be More"
Inventor's Digest Magazine Oct./Nov./Dec. 2004 cover My article explains that
sometimes it's practical to skip the patent process altogether and just get down to making money.
Natural Resources Council of Maine
June 2004
Global Warming in Maine: Warning Signs, Winning Solutions
Global Warming in Maine - Warning Signs, Winning Solutions Color booklet features my solar heated workshop as an example of a solution on page 21.
Servo Magazine
"Sonar Mapping Subsystem for Mobile Robotic Platforms"
December 2003, pages 14-18
My construction and theory article.
American Woodturner
Winter 2003  Vol.18, No.4 pages 42-3
Gallery pages featuring my turned wood art
Nuts & Volts Magazine
Sept. 2003, pages 58-61
Float objects in a servo controlled magnetic field"
Nuts & Volts Sept. 2003 Cover Article page 1 My construction article describes how to build a working electromagnetic 
levitation control circuit.

 Leonardo Magazine
#36, No. 4, p.263, (2003)
Artwork: "Eight-Bit Ant Farm" in Gallery Section

Review and gallery feature from exhibition at Dorsky Museum SUNY, New Paltz, New York. August - November 2002
Woodwork Magazine
October 2003, page 48
Features my turned wood piece 
"Millstone Oracle"
in the Gallery section
 Inventor's Digest Magazine
January/February 2003, pages 48-9
"Great Timing (Uh...almost)"
Inventor's Digest magazine cover
Article about an invention prototype that I built that turned out to already have been patented, and was on the market.
June/July 2002, pages 34-43
My article about the solar heated radiant floor heating system that I built for my barn workshop.

March 13, 2002
Cover of Business Section  "Left brain,  right business"
the whole page
in Acrobat
format here
Times Record 3/14/02 Feature interview about my business by Bob Kalish
Woodwork Magazine
August 2001, page 48
Gallery page featuring 4 of my furniture designs
8.08  August 2000
Image of my mail in electronic art piece on p.43
"Digital Numeric Relevator Mark XX"

October 12, 1997
"Sculpting by Numbers"
Review of my electronic art by Bob Frost.
November 1997
Cover image shows Pagoda Lamp design, page 44 features Tulip Lamp design.
March 1996, pages 30-1
"Gallery Robots on the Internet"
  My article about engineering Joel Slayton's video surveillance art installation.
(see his web site )
July 1995, pages 47-48
"Checking Battery Condition..."
  Basic Stamp article
by Scott Edwards

Uses my clever trick for battery voltage monitoring for robotics using low cost parts.
December 1994, page 18  
"Motion Sensor Applications for Artworks"
  My article about applying motion sensors to kinetic art
September 1994, pages 16-17
"Engineering A Light Sculpture"
  My article about engineering Milton Komisar's public artwork, installed in Chicago.

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