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January 2, 2002: Clearing snow off the collectors

Snow melted off the colectors

Well, I've learned 3 ways of getting the snow off the collectors
and PV panels!

1> On sunny mornings, wait for the night's accumulation to melt
off, and lose maybe 1-2 hours of sun:
Snow on the collectors

2> Use a broom to brush snow off the lower half of the
collectors, then go reach out the window and brush off the
PV panels and the tops of the collectors:
Cleaning snow off PV panels with broom from window

3> Disconnect the PV panels and hook a car battery (or 12VDC
power supply) to the 2 circulation pumps.  The heat exchanger
now works in reverse, pumping stored 70F hot water from the
tank into the collectors. Works like a charm on those heavy
ice days when the outside temperature is below zero!
Although at a cost of some propane!

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