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October 11: Plumbing solar heat exchanger etc.

The plumbing is taking forever!  There is so much planning and
so many parts!  I am so ready to have all this stuff working!
At least the weather is staying warm enough that I don't need it yet.

Here is the solar collector plumbing loop mounted to the wall
with all those gauges, valves and pressure tank showing.
To the left is the 80 gallon storage tank that will keep the
solar heated water hot until needed.  The ideal ratio is 1.5 to 2
square feet of collector surface per gallon of tank storage capacity.
(Note that I later added 2 collectors to
improve this ratio).

The big stainless cylinder in the right image is the heat
exchanger that will transfer the heat from the glycol filled
collector closed loop to the water tank plain water.
It is a Secespol model B130 and you can see a brochure
of the product line here.  To the right of it you can see the
El-Sid SID10PV solar powered water pump with it's wires sticking out.
Here it is close-up:

These are extraordinary pumps with no moving parts (except the
impeller), made of bronze, and engineered specifically for PV operation.
It requires only a 20 Watt solar panel when used anywhere north
of Florida.  (10 Watt in the southern climes).

We have been overrun with hundreds of ladybugs in the
last few days.  They swarm around the doors and windows,
as bugs go they are pretty benign - and cute!

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