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October 16, 2001: Sweating the radiant floor pump manifold

It seems that I have been sweating copper pipe for weeks.
I have to thoroughly consider each section before I assemble it
so that the pipe will reach from fixture to fixture in the best layout
without hitting something else.  It's also nice to try and design
a clean, easy to see and use system.

So here I am all day sitting at my workbench soldering sections
of parts together...

Then I assemble each section to each other until I have an entire
manifold - like this section that includes 2 pump housings (one to
circulate hot water to each floor of the barn), along with the
fill valves, temperature gauges, shut off valves, elbows, tees,
unions, connectors and adapters.  Whew!

The 2 red lines are the return pipes from the floor, they feed right
up into the hot water storage tank.

Hopefully this system will last for over 20 years with little
maintenance once it is all running.  And most of the energy
will be free from the sun!

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