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October 2: Building the solar shed onto the barn

Today was a very fruitful day and a lovely warm sunny day for working
outdoors.  In order to mount the solar hot water collectors I have to build
a shed with a south facing roof tilted at 45 degrees to best catch the sun.

Yesterday I began by digging out two 8" post holes to 32" deep for the
foundation columns.  Then I poured concrete, and set metal straps into
the concrete with a 2X8 mounted between the 2 foundation columns.

(2004 Note: I was only able to dig down about 32" in the hard packed clay.  I wish I had gone
deeper as the frost has heaved the concrete up each winter which shifts the whole
building enough that the doors stick!  I would go at least 40" next time for this latitude)

Today I built most of the solar shed:

cutting joists

joist in place

Kia the neighbor's dog "helped" all day
here I have started on the plywood decking

building the short wall

wall up and trued

ledger board up and first rafter going up

all the rafters up

putting up the roof boards (ship lap 1X10)

starting on tar paper - Whew, it's dinner time!

(photography note!  I set up a tripod and used the timer on
my camera to catch myself in the action shots.
All this to keep my loyal following entertained!)

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