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October 5: Solar shed progress

The Aquastar propane backup heater for the solar system arrived today.
I'm still waiting for the 80 gallon storage tank to arrive before I
can begin plumbing the system in earnest.  This is an ordinary
Rheem electric water heater, but I won't be using the electric
elements!  It is the cheapest and best insulated storage tank
that I could find.

I went shopping for all the dozens of plumbing parts needed to hook
up the solar collectors, pumps, thermometers, pressure valves, gauges
and tanks.  That was a 2 hour visit to the hardware store!

I also finished out the west wall of the solar shed and added a window
that was left over from the house.

The fall colors are finally showing in full around here.

Some red behind the house and lots of color up the river.

I've been working too hard to enjoy all the color since the threat of
winter looms ahead.  So far the weather looks like it will hold long
enough for me to install all the exterior components.

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