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October 6: Installing solar collectors

The big day!  My neighbor John helped me to install the SunEarth solar collectors
on the roof of the shed that he helped me to design.  These are Empire Series
collectors that measure about 4 X 8 feet, and they are HEAVY!

The weather was very windy and the panels and ladders were catching
the wind at times.  Then it rained heavily a few minutes after we got them secured.

John's experience as a house building contractor proved very valuable
as we struggled to get these heavy units into place and secured.

I also was able to get the solar electric panel up before the rain.

This is a 10 watt Solarex MSX 10 polycrystalline solar panel that will
power the DC circulating pump for the collectors. Now the job shifts to plumbing...

June 2005
I found a new use for the solar panels in the summer when they are not needed.  They now re-charge my electric lawn mower. See how I converted an old gas mower to electric

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