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July 25 Installing radiant heat plumbing in the barn

Today the temperatures climbed to 90 in the shade
with high humidity too.  Miserable working conditions,
but I pressed on.

The first step was to install 1" of Styrofoam over the existing
concrete to insulate the radiant heat from the ground.

Then I installed 6" grid wire mesh over that to use as a tie-down
for the plumbing that will carry solar heated water
-- I'll also have a Bosch Aquastar propane back up heater.

Then I tied down the PEX tubing with dozens of cable ties.
The whole arrangement is so colorful that it will be a shame
to pour concrete over it!

This all gets connected to a manifold in the back corner where
I will wall in a utility room later.

I fed the PEX around the perimeter walls first to combat the
cold entering from the exposed frost walls (
that I later insulated on
the outside with 2" of sheet foam board
Here's the floorplan.

By the way most of these pictures were taken with a timer since

I'm working alone at this point, with a little help from
my neighbor, Charlie.

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