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July 30  pouring concrete for the barn floor

The Big Day arrived with heavy fog that burned off as
the crew arrived to begin breaking out the old concrete
apron in front of the main doors.

 Andrew brought his wife and helper to the job, it was
Pat's first time pouring a slab with her husband - even though
he has over 20+ years experience.

Andrew agreed to do the job on short notice since he lives just
across the hay field from us!  Otherwise he said we'd have to wait
3 weeks or more...

The concrete arrived around 11:30, not long after all the
forms were set in place.

 That's a lot of concrete!

 After leveling it all out there was a long siesta while
the crew waited for it to set hard enough to trowel.

 Then it's back to work with the power trowel for many
passes interspersed by more waiting for the concrete to
set hard enough to trowel smooth.

The last pass was around 6:30 as the sun slants across the
new floor reminding me how nice the light will be in
my new workshop!

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