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July 31  framing and hanging barn doors

The last day of work on site before I fly home to
pack for the big (3400 mile) move from California.

The first surprise of the day was realizing that the old
sliding barn doors wouldn't close since the new concrete
apron is now 4" higher.  I had to carefully chop the lower
4" off the doors and replace parts to re-assemble them.

I also framed in the rear door to a smaller standard
size door.  This will give me ready access to the solar
equipment from the barn's solar utility room,
while giving me a better insulated doorway.

Before (April) and after (July).
The light area to the right of the door is the fresh, unpainted
barn boards.

Then I set about building the "Doors Of Doom".
These are the giant 4ft X 9ft X 6" double doors that
seal off the front door of the barn for better insulation.
Closing these doors has a powerful feeling of
closure thus I have named them.

Outside and inside views.

Eventually the inside will be filled with insulation and sealed
over with plywood.  Also lots of weather stripping
for the hinges and edges.  I ran out of barn board siding on the
outside so there's still some tar paper showing on the
outside on the left.  It will all get covered from the weather
by the big red sliding doors anyway.

Lots of work to do when I get back, wiring and more
fiberglass insulation, and about 45 sheets of drywall,
plus tape and mud and paint.

This journal will pick up again in early October,
after we move in an get settled.


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