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September 23, 2002: Added home-made Differential Temperature Controller

After observing my system for the first year I noticed
that the tank temperature would drop considerably in the
and late afternoon.  I finally realized that
on cold days there was not enough sun on the collectors
to heat the fluid to the point that is was hotter than the
storage tank, but there was enough sun on the solar
panel to run the pump.  The pump was basically
pumping heated water into the collectors which then
became radiators!

What I needed was a controller that would shut off the
pump that circulates heated water through the heat exchanger
and into the tank when the collector temperature
drops below the temperature at the top of the tank.

This type of Differential Temperature Controller
was available only as an AC powered version for over $160.00,
there was no DC powered controller available. 
Being an inventor and electrical engineer,
I decided to design and build
my own from spare parts.

Above is the original hand made controller.
I now sell a production version of this design, see below.

UPDATE!  March 2008
I have formed ARTTEC Solar to manufacture my
Solar Differential Temperature Controllers
  ART TEC Solar 

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