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Detailed blog about the design and installation of this system


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sensor location updates every 10 seconds 48 HOUR chart updates every 10 minutes
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Solar collectors on south end of workshop
4 - 4X8ft. Sun Earth collectors
  Collectors removed November 2021
now using this system as backup for
heat pump.
80 Gallon solar storage tank
Rheem 80 gal. water heater
used as storage tank

Bosch aquastar tankless backup heater
Bosch Aquastar AQ125-PLP-S
Thermostat set to 60F
back up the heat pump
I installed October 2021.

Baseboard pump:

Radiant floor pump:
Inside workshop
My 2nd floor office/lab


Things to notice:
Wood stove with heat reclaimerSudden increases in the room temperature are due to my lighting the wood stove that has a heat reclaimer blower.  It is mounted in the flue above the stove as shown at right and it raises the room temperature by 5-10F in 10-20 minutes.

In October 2021 I (self) installed a MrCool heat pump system and turned off the propane boiler so this system now operates only on solar.  I added a temperature controller that shuts off the pumps if the storage tank goes below 125F.  So any heat gain in the storage tank is used up the following night (actually early morning around 2-4am) when it's coldest. 

On sunny days you will see the room temperature rise in the late afternoon due to the direct solar gain of sunlight entering the west facing windows.  This effect can be significant in spring and fall.

I drain and fill the collectors seasonally since they would over heat in the summer.  If antifreeze gets too hot it will turn acidic and rot the copper pipes.  We have a long heating season in Maine and I fill after the first frost and drain once temperatures get above 40F consistently.
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