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Tool Holder

8 rare earth magnets
on 2 sides allow quick access
to most used ferrous metal tools.
Hand made in Maine from hard maple.
Solid and heavy - won't tip over.
Non-slip rubber feet.

hardwood tool holder - fully loaded
Outside dimensions: 4.5 X 4.5 X 6.75"
Inside cavity: 3 X 3 X 6"
Weight approx 2 lbs
Rare earth (neodymium) magnets
spaced 1" apart
I'm happy to customize the design
for your needs.
3 Tool Holders
bottom view showing feet
Non-slip feet prevent your tools

from walking away
right when you need them!
Rare earth magnets
8 rare earth magnets
on 2 sides for quick
 and easy access.

$48.00 each
Ships within 5 days via Priority Mail
Contact me if you have questions

If you have trouble with PayPal, email me and I'll send you a PayPal invoice.

These tool holders are made in my solar powered workshop in rural Maine
from select hardwood and rare earth magnets.
I make them in small batches for discerning tool users like you and
I sign each one on the bottom.

I recommend hanging your tools from the magnets with the tool handle DOWN.
This makes for quick, easy ergonomic retrieval.
Grasp the handle at the bottom and pull the tool away so it peels off by
pivoting away from the magnet.

If you enjoy using it, please email me a picture of it on your bench
so I can add it to the gallery below and share it on social media.

Guy Marsden

Gallery of photos of tool holders in use

Elizabeth's tool holder
Elizabeth says:

"Such a small and simple addition to my workspace, but it immediately made all the difference to organizing my table.
Thank you for providing quite the perfect thing to hold my most important tools!"
Chris's work space
Chris's bench
Marta's tool holder
Marta's tool holders

Deb's tool holder

Victoria's bench
Victoria's bench
Victoria's tool holder
Victoria's tool holder

Brad Berkefelt said:
"The tool stand is perfect!"