Guy Marsden's
turned artwork

"Ground Effect"
completed 4/28/02
Bird's eye maple and Ebony
10.5 diam.  X 8"

My first really successful piece.  The form came to me in a waking dream.

top view

bottom view                                                                side view


At the critique Instant gallery of the AAW Symposium  in Providence, RI, June 2002.
David Ellsworth, master wood turner described "Ground Effect" as being a good example
of a unified form in which all the curves relate to each other as a whole, while
Michael Hosaluk would like to see the inside of the legs rounded over like
the outer edges.

This piece was featured in the Gallery pages 42+43 of
American Woodturner Magazine
 December 2003
Woodwork magazine coverWoodwork magazine p.48

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