Guy Marsden's
turned artwork

"Seventh Samurai"
completed 5/12/02
Yellowheart and Ebony
10 diam.  X 7.5"

Many of my titles are constructed so as to leave an open question
or to allow one to complete the thought on one's own.
I had originally intended a round outer edge, but the piece caught
on the lathe and flew across the room.  The missing chunk of the rim
that broke off inspired me to scallop the edges.  The scallops
then inspired the cut outs in the legs.

This piece proves the wood worker's adage:
"There are no mistakes - only design opportunities"

top view

top view                                                                          side view



This piece was featured in the Gallery pages 42+43 of
American Woodturner Magazine
 December 2003
Woodwork magazine coverWoodwork magazine p.48

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