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Guy Marsden's
turned artwork
2002 catalog

I have arranged my catalog in chronological order.
Each piece is signed and numbered.
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These pieces were made in a effort to make a name for myself in the rather
exclusive field of turned wood art.  I have lacked the time to invest in
promoting my work to the galleries that represent artists in this field, and
have discontinued pursuing this endeavor.

The prices listed reflect the value of the work given that I had
every intention of achieving some recognition in this art form.  I am now
open to reasonable offers from interested parties.  I would enjoy seeing
these works in good homes!   If one of these works calls to you -
make me an offer!
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Click the images below to see more detailed images:


"Every Sperm Is Sacred"
Ebonized and gilded cherry
13 diam.  X 18"

"Open Cockpit"
8 diam.  X 6"
"The UFO Award"
Mahogany and Wenge
6 diam.  X 10"
"Ground Effect"
Spalted Maple and Ebony
10.5 diam.  X 8"
"Double Cheese"
Yellowheart and Ebony
8 diam.  X 7.25"
"Shrug"  5/5/02
Maple, Wenge and Ebony
9 diam.  X 6"
"Seventh Samurai"  5/17/02
Yellowheart and Ebony
9.75" diam. X 7.5"
"Beech Craft"
Red Beech and Ebony
8.25 diam.  X 5"
"Three Point Turn"
Maple and Wenge
8 diam.  X 6"
Lacewood and Walnut
12 diam.  X 14.5"
Catalpa and Wenge
9.25 diam.  X 4.25"
"Jelly Donut Fish"
Maple and Bubinga
8.5 diam.  X 4"
"Millstone Oracle"
Black Palm and Ebony
6.75 high X 8 wide X 3" deep
"Jellyfish #2"
Gonçalo Alves and Mahogany
8" diam. X 5" high
"Walking Ring"
YellowHeart and Ebony
8" diam. X 3" high 
"Force Vector"
Maple, bubinga, lacewood and 24 toothpicks
8" diam. X 2.25" high
"Vessel #1"
Goncalo Alves and bocote
8" diam. X 7" high
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