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Building a dining side table


Gluing the legs is a tricky process since 6 legs must be
glued all at once!  First I test fit them all:

And apply glue to the inside of the notches in the feet:

I quickly slide the legs into the foot, then force each one all
the way in with a bar clamp.  Once the one end is fully seated,
I apply glue to the other end and insert all 6 legs, then begin
drawing them all together with bar clamps:

Then I let the glue dry for a while:

I took the legs out of the clamps and here I am assembling
the legs to the cross bar:

This is another favorite moment - the First Look!
It's easier to see on the floor:

There's more work to do tomorrow - sand the legs some more
and complete the attachement hardware for the legs that
connect them to the top.

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