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Making a dining side table

This table was a commission based on a bench design that
appealed to my client.  Here's the original bench and the finished table:
benchFinished side table
The room that the table is intended for is in an Arts and Crafts
style home with a lot of dark stained Oak.

My design goal is to make a table that retains the concept of the
bench while addressing the design details of the Arts and Crafts
aesthetic.  I chose Black Walnut for the table top and horizontal
leg parts, and Australian Lacewood (Cardwellia sublimis) for the legs.
The top is assembled from 3 Walnut boards, the center board
having wavy grain and the outer 2 boards having straight grain.
I decided to accentuate the separation between the boards with a
1/8" strip of solid mahogany that will show both from the top and the ends.

The Black Walnut tones in with the dark stained Oak in the room,
while the Lacewood makes a strong grain pattern statement that
reflects the traditional use of quarter sawn Oak in Arts and Crafts
style furniture.  The edges have 45 degree bevels rather
than the rounded shape in the bench.


Day 1 - preparing the lumber
Day 2 - Jointing and ripping the stock
Day 3 - Making the legs and feet
Day 4 - Sanding and pre-finishing legs
Day 5 - Gluing legs