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Electronic Artwork

Collaborative "Art clocks"
Made with Dave Bruckenstein

Kinetic light Sculpture

"Tensegrity Rocket" "Tensegrity Rocket", June 2023
"On the Spot" light sculpture,  May 2020
"Purple Rain" light sculpture, March 2019
Entropy 2.2  Guy posing with "Entropy 2.2" "Entropy 2.2" light sculpture, July 2017
(private commission)
Entropy 2.1 artwork  Guy with Entropy 2.1 "Entropy 2.1" light sculpture, March 2017
(private commission)
"Drip" light sculpture, January 2012
Currently on exhibit at the MAD Museum, England
  "Smoke on the Water" light sculpture, December 2010
"Sunrise - Sunset" light sculpture, September 2010
"Cairo Sunset" "Cairo Sunset" painting in light, July 2010
"Entropy 3" light sculpture, December 2009
"Entropy 2" light sculpture, January 2009
(sold 3/2010)
"Entropy 1" light sculpture, September 2008
(sold 7/2010)
"Color Field" light sculpture, December 2002

Tao Sing

"Tao Sing"  interactive audio/light artwork  1997
(not for sale)
"Yin & Yang" 1994
Twinkle Twinkle "Twinkle Twinkle"  1994
(sold 9/2008)

"Digital Numeric Relevator" series
(updated February 6, 2014 with new work)

If the video above does not play, click here to see it on YouTube

The term "Relevator" is a made up word that I define as "a machine capable of  creating and displaying irrelevant information".

I began this series of pieces in the mid 1980's.  Originally the inspiration was my appreciation of the intrinsic beauty of the electronic devices used to show numbers -- known as numeric displays.  (for technical information on how various numeric display types work click here) 

Eventually I observed people reacting to this work and formulated a working philosophy for the continuing series:  "These pieces are designed to generate and display irrelevant numeric information in an effort to satirize our implicit trust of electronically represented numeric information."

In each piece I attempt to design circuitry that creates nonsensical or random number patterns that move, blink, gyrate and mystify.  Reactions of viewers range from giggles to attempts to deduce the function to suggestions that they are to be used to select lottery numbers.

Each unit is given a model number and a sub-title.  Below is a list of Relevators that I have made in order of model number.  (Not necessarily chronological!)

My working process typically begins when I find the electronic display component - either in an electronic surplus store, or a mail order surplus catalog.  I test the part, or find the spec sheets so I can figure out how it works.  Then I design a control circuit which generally involves a microcontroller chip that I program the number "performance" into.  The physical form evolves from my predilection to working in acrylic and wood.  I try to create an aesthetic that resembles a Sharper Image product from the Twilight Zone!

Click on the images to see detailed information on each piece.

also see my rsum - includes exhibitions, sales, commissions, reviews, publications

Digital Numeric Relevator MK XXXI - Liquid Crystals "Digital Numeric Relevator Mk XXXI - Liquid Crystals"  2023 
DNR 33 "Digital Numeric Relevator Mk XXXIII - Light Approximation"  2022
"Digital Numeric Relevator Mk XXXIV - Hexadecimal Blues" 2016
"Digital Numeric Relevator Mk XXXII - Binary Bubbles" 2016
"Digital Numeric Relevator Mk XXX - LCD" 2014
"Digital Numeric Relevator Mk XXIX - Red Rain" "Digital Numeric Relevator Mk XXIX - Red Rain" 2014
"Digital Numeric Relevator Mk XXVIII - Big Red" "Digital Numeric Relevator Mk XXVIII - Big Red" 2013
"Digital Numeric Relevator Mk XXVII - Liquid Numbers" 2013
"Digital Numeric Relevator Mk XXVI - See Saw" 2006
(sold 7/2013)
"Digital Numeric Relevator Mk XXV - Solar Variables" 2005
"Digital Numeric Relevator Mk XXIV - Media Mirror" 2004
(sold 3/2012)
Model 22 "Digital Numeric Relevator Mk XXII - Count Zero"  2002
(detail view)
Model 21 "Digital Numeric Relevator Mk XXI -  Bubble Sorter"  2000
Currently on exhibit at the MAD Museum, England
Model 20
"Digital Numeric Relevator Mk XX - WIRED"  2000
(property WIRED Magazine)
Model 19 "Digital Numeric Relevator Mk XIX - On The Rise"  1997
(sold 7/2002)
Model 18 "Digital Numeric Relevator Mk XVIII - The Great Divide 1997 
(sold 1998 collection of Parallax Inc.)
Mark 17 "Digital Numeric Relevator Mk XVII - Nixie Numerics  1996
Mark 16 "Digital Numeric Relevator Mk XVI - Blue Moves"  1996
Mark 15 "Digital Numeric Relevator Mk XV - Tree Dimensional" 1996 
(sold 1997)
Mark 13 "Digital Numeric Relevator Mk XIII - Hexadecimal Habitation"  1995
Mark 12 "Digital Numeric Relevator Mk XII - Transparent Transformations"  1995
(sold 7/2013)
Mark 1 "Digital Numeric Relevator Mk I - Nixie Numismatics"   1995
Mark 11 "Digital Numeric Relevator Mk XI - Transient Couplings"  1995 
(sold 8/1998)
"Digital Numeric Relevator Mk IX - Crimson Cubed"  1994
(sold 4/1997)
Mark 8 "Digital Numeric Relevator Mk VIII - Ladder Logic"  1994
(sold 7/2013)
Mark 7 "Digital Numeric Relevator Mk VII - Round Numbers"  1994
Mark 6 "Digital Numeric Relevator Mk VI - Circular Logic"  1994
Mark 5 "Digital Numeric Relevator MK V - Numerologist's Nightmare"  1986
(sold 3/2012)
Mark 3 "Digital Numeric Relevator Mk III - Digital Daydream"  1986
"Digital Numeric Relevator Mk II" (no subtitle)  1986
(sold 8/1986)

Collaborative work
Created with Remo Campopiano and Jonathan Schull
under the name of A.R.T. (Art Re-envisions Technology)

"Eight Bit Ant Farm", September 2002

Early neon artworks from the 1980's:

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