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Digital Numeric Relevator artwork series

"Digital Numeric Relevator Mk XIII - Hexadecimal Habitation"
completed July 1995
10.5" X 7" X 7"

This piece represents a small departure for me in that it also displays the characters A-F that form the hexadecimal number base as used in computer coding.  Sometimes it will spell 4 letter words as it randomly changes.


The visible electronics were found loose in a surplus store in Oakland, CA.  It consists of a big glass neon display, and a second driver board below that uses many old and dated driver chips.  I added a randomizer circuit inside the base to ensure that the numbers are completely unpredictable.

At 2" high these were the largest numbers that I had used by this
point in the growing series.  Some of the segments are beginning
to fail - sometimes staying on or off.

This piece is available for $500.00


1/98 - 2/98 Center For Visual Arts, Oakland, CA


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