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Digital Numeric Relevator artwork series

"Digital Numeric Relevator Mk II"
completed March 1986
7" X 13" X 12"

The first of 2 pieces that uses right angled connectors like LEGO blocks to create a structural circuit.

The circuit for each digit is in front of each column.  The illuminated yellow LED numeral slides left and right randomly while also changing values. A small red LED above the numbers moves in exactly the opposite way.

When the number reaches either end, the separate displays at each end increment by one - I call these the "relevance accumulators.

The numbers have changed position between images


The base is made from oak with a beautiful knot in the front.  The small copper plaque on the front is made from a circuit board, and identifies the work by title.  I engraved the date of completion in one section.

When this work sold, I had to ship it to northern California.  It is quite delicate, and despite my best efforts it arrived in pieces.  Fortunately the owner was very understanding and I mailed him the above images and he re-constructed the work by connecting all the parts back together.  He enjoued getting to know the work more intimately!

This piece is sold


1/86 - 3/86 Modern Visual Communications Gallery
Hollywood, CA


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