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Digital Numeric Relevator artwork series

"Digital Numeric Relevator Mk XXII - Count Zero"
completed March 2002
24" X 4" X 2"

This wall mounted piece has 3 circuit boards that I designed to hold 6 LCD counter modules each.  Each board is programmed with a different behavior.  The left one counts in single digits, the center one in short bursts of rapid pulses. On the right one the counters count to very high numbers in sustained bursts.  In each case a blue LED indicates which unit is counting and draws the eye to that display.

A closer view of the right circuit board:
Model 22

And an off axis view showing the acrylic vitrine:

This piece is available for $850.00
contact me to purchase


6/02 The Art House, Winthrop, Maine.  June 23 - July 26,  2002


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