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Digital Numeric Relevator artwork series

"Digital Numeric Relevator Mk XXIV - Media Mirror"
completed April 18, 2004
6.25" X 10.25" X 2.5"


This wall mounted piece is intended to comment directly on the relevance of the use of numbers in the media and how they obscure the meaning and content of the message often to the extent that the numbers themselves overwhelm the image. 

This piece responds to your presence by activating it's LCD screen and displaying an image of you standing there looking at it.  Within a few seconds numbers begin to show up overlaid on the image.  Over the next 20 seconds the numbers fill the screen more and more rapidly, eventually filling the entire screen, then the image drops away leaving only numbers for 2 seconds before the screen shuts off with a "click".


Here is a short animation that condenses the "performance" to a few seconds:

See a 30 second movie:  DNR24-MediaMirror.wmv  (646K)


5/28/05 - 6/19/05 "Alumni 15x15 Exhibition"
Meyerhoff Gallery, Fox Building
Maryland Institute, College of Art, Baltimore, MD
1/18/05 - 2/16/05 "Plugged In"
Studio Place Arts Gallery, Barre, VT
3/2/06 - 3/12/06 "Plugged In Fest III"
Space, Portland, Maine.


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