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Digital Numeric Relevator artwork series

"Digital Numeric Relevator Mk III  - Digital Daydream"
completed June 1986
7" X 13" X 11"

This piece uses miniature incandescent 7-segment displays.  Each digit is comprised of 7 glowing filaments encased in vacuum -- like small light bulbs only dimmer.

The circuit for each digit is directly below it, and built into the structure.  Each circuit counts from 0-9 repeatedly but at different speeds that are determined by the ambient light in the room.  There are tiny light sensors hidden in the structure that vary the speed.  In full sun the numbers all count very rapidly,  while in a dark room you will see each one change every 5 to 10 seconds.


This piece is available for $1300.00

(special crating and shipping to be arranged separately)

The structure is made from dozens of right angle connectors
designed to mount numeric displays at an angle to a circuit board.  I  used them like LEGO blocks!



1/94 - 3/94 "Poetic Devices"
City of Brea Gallery, Brea, CA
11/94 - 6/95 Holmes Fine Art, San Jose, CA
1/97 - 2/97 “ENLIGHTENED”
 Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, San Jose, CA.
6/02 "Openings"
The Art House, 
Winthrop, Maine.  June 23 - July 26,  2002


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