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Michael Hayden
Public art on Duke Energy building
Charlotte, North Carolina

See also the design and installation of "Arpeggio"
in Nashville, Tennessee.

This 80 foot square neon artwork contains 53 neon elements.  It dominates the Charlotte
skyline, facing the Panther's stadium.  By day dozens of holographically originated
diffraction grating panels cast rainbow colors, while by night the colored light stips flash in ever
changing animated choreographies.

NOTE In February 2011, Duke energy repaired Quadrille and replaced the failing neon tubes
with state-of-the-art LED strips.

Michael wanted the neon to contain many hours of distinct programmed animations
that would be randomly selected so that an average commuter would never see the
same animation at the same time on subsequent days.

The client, Duke Energy also wanted an interactive element since the artwork can be
seen from the upper levels of the Panther Stadium in downtown Charlotte.  They had it in mind that the artwork
would be appear to respond to goals scored in the stadium with short hyper active
animations.  I engineered the controls so that 9 different short animations can be activated
from any telephone.

The controller that I built contains over 9 megabytes of data which is fed to the 53 power relays.
I used a Basic Stamp II microcontroller to select from 128 banks of memory containing
the animations.

The animations were programmed by myself; my wife, Rebekah Younger ; and light
sculptor Milton Komisar.

The control system that I designed (seen here before the 2011 upgrade). 
It measures about 2 by 3 feet, and contains a control

box with a LCD status indicator display and test buttons.

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