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Building a Sassafras 14 ft. stitched lapstrake canoe
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HOME 1. laying out
the planks
2. cutting
3. gluing
4. rabbeting
5. stitching
6. shaping
7. filleting
8. gluing
9. removing
10. filling
11. gluing
12. gluing
13. glassing
14. glassing inside 15. glassing
16. decks and
seat mounts
17. installing
18. epoxy
19. sanding 20. varnishing 21. finishing up 22. launching storage BILL OF
This canoe was built from plans in the book "The Canoe Shop"

August 20, 2007
Glassing the keel

I ran out of epoxy and had to run out to the store today to get another quart to finish the job.  While that means I have used 1 gallon of epoxy, not all of it went on the boat due to waste.  I'd say that just over 3/4 of a gallon was actually applied to the hull so far, so in a perfect world a gallon would be enough.

I cut a 4" strip of fiberglass the whole length of the keel line right up the stem to the gunwhales.  I cut  another 2 18" pieces  that I cut on the bias for extra strength along the keel line near the ends, this will resist abrasion where it needs the most strength.  I used 8 ounces of epoxy that I brushed on with a shortened disposable brush.  The shorter pieces were laid on over the full length glass while it was all wet.

August 21, 2007
Second coat of epoxy

Here's my mixing station set up on my table saw.  I always put on rubber gloves before working with the epoxy, no matter how neat I try to be, I always end up with epoxy all over the gloves and tools.  I don't want to get over exposed to the epoxy and get sensitive or allergic to it.

Today I sanded the edges of the fiberglass along the edges to smooth it in to the surface.  Then I rolled on about 4 ounces of epoxy over the entire seam to fill the pattern of the glass so the surface is now smooth.

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