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Guy Marsden's
Handcrafted Furniture


I first learned fine woodworking skills at the Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore in the early 70’s.  My bachelor degree focused on photography and woodworking, and since then I have consistently used both skills to earn a living.

I began to build wood pieces for sale in 1997 - shortly after I married my talented co-creative wife, Rebekah who was in the business of making knitted clothing and selling it primarily at craft shows and boutiques.  I soon joined her at craft shows, selling my furnishings at the same venues in California.

Table top detail
My designs are all based on the use of thin vertical staves of wood that form a light yet sturdy structure.  I am intrigued with the design possibilities of this simple theme and I am always thinking of ways to create light and open forms using this design element.  My furniture designs are all one of a kind pieces which are usually inspired by finding a beautifully figured board in the lumber yard.  I prefer richly figured woods which I contrast with simpler woods, often mixing light and dark woods in one piece.

I particularly enjoy working with a customer to design a piece which suits their needs, yet also reflects my basic design philosophy. The synthesis often leads me into uncharted territory and keeps me stretching and growing as a designer and craftsman.

representative designs organized by type (side tables, mirrors, etc.)

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See how I made a dining side table
Images of recent commission work
Guy at work
Black Walnut desk

"We make a living by what we get,

we make a life by what we give."
Winston Churchill