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Kinetic light Sculpture

"Color Field"
completed December 2002
14" X 14" X 3"

The title refers to color field paintings that were primarily explorations in pure color.

This artwork contains a grid of LEDs of many colors that illuminate the surface of the translucent acrylic box from within.  At random intervals the pattern of light will change.  The interval is shorter in bright light, and longer in dim room light - up to a minute.  The LEDs also self adjust brighter to compensate for brighter ambient light.  These are all "high brightness" LEDs that emit from 2 to 5 candelas.

I was particularly pleased to acquire some of the brand new aqua and purple LEDs for this work.  LEDs were originally only made in red back in the 1960's, then other colors like yellow, amber and green became available in the '70's as the technology improved.  Blue and white showed up in the 1990's and it was a while before they were bright enough for commercial signs etc.  The recent introduction this year of purple and aqua triggered my desire to build a piece with a broad range of color. 

If you want to learn more about the history or technical details of LEDs I recommend a visit to the LED Museum!

Here's a different light pattern:

This piece is available for $950.00


1/7/05 - 2/25/05 "Light in the Dark"
SPACE Gallery, Portland, Maine

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