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Kinetic light Sculpture

"Entropy 2"
completed January 2009
24" X 9" X 2.5"

"Entropy 2" light scuplture - full view

This wall mounted artwork contains 300 LEDs in a grid mounted behind diffused white acrylic.  It is framed in matte black acrylic. 

When first powered light begins by scrolling down from the top, filling the frame with first red, then other bands of raw color.  The color bands degrade and de-cohere as they progress down over time.  After a minute or so the color entropy reaches a relatively homogenous effect and the sequence begins again as solid color bands wash downwards over the jumbled color field.

"Entropy 2" full view 1 "Entropy 2" full view 2 

Here's a short video:

This piece SOLD for $1400.00

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