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Digital Numeric Relevator artwork series

"Digital Numeric Relevator Mk XXI - Bubble Sorter"
completed May 2000
17" X 7" X 2.25"

Currently on exhibit at the MAD Museum, England

This wall mounted work contains a semi-circular circuit board
that I designed to hold the 8 lensed LED displays.  These are vintage LEDs that have large domed plastic bubble shaped lenses to magnify the small display.

I used separate PIC microcontroller chips to program each
digit with dozens of animations and numbers.  This means that there are 8 - 4MHz computers in this piece!

This is the most amusingly hyper-active of the series.  The numbers
are constantly breaking into patterns, chases and deconstructing the numeric format.

Close up showing 2 displays and their driver chips:

These are very early LED displays that were seen in the first digital watches in a smaller form.  The huge bubble lens limits the viewing angle but does significantly magnify the number.  From different viewing angles, the numbers are distorted by the lens.


at the MAD Museum in England  
Currently on exhibit at the MAD Museum, England

This piece is available for $1250.00


6/00 - 9/00 "SIXTH ROTATION"
Next Level Communications Corporate Gallery,  Rohnert Park, CA. 

6/23/02 - 7/26/02

The Art House, Winthrop, Maine. 
1/18/05 - 2/16/05 "Plugged In"
Studio Place Arts Gallery, Barre, VT
3/2/06 - 3/12/06 "Plugged In Fest III"
Space, Portland, Maine.
3/22/2012 - ? MAD Museum
Stratford upon Avon, England


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