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Digital Numeric Relevator artwork series

"Digital Numeric Relevator Mk XXV - Solar Variables"

completed December 23, 2005
9" X 5" X 2"

This wall mounted piece is my first solar powered artwork.  Part of the inspiration was the annoying power cord that is a visual distraction in a gallery setting.  I also felt it was time to make a solar piece - since I'm such a solar guy!  This piece requires strong light to operate and the displays will go blank with insufficient light.  It will operate for up to an hour after the light level drops, since each display module has a super capacitor for power storage.  Each module has it's own separate solar panel and operates independently.

The circuitry changes a randomly selected digit to a new random number every second or so.




A footnote:  I designed the circuit boards for this piece in July 2004.  When I assembled the circuit and began programming the microcontroller, the displays kept showing gibberish rather then the intended numbers.  So I put the piece aside, and it took 17 months for me to get back to it.  What I found was that I had mis-wired quite a few connections on the circuit board.  It's the price I pay sometimes for being a dyslexic artist!  It took me a few hours to fix the wiring - the wire jumpers are hidden on the back of the boards.  You can see the title, and my name and the original date are all etched into the boards along the top and bottom edges.


3/2/06 - 3/12/06 "Plugged In Fest III"
Space, Portland, Maine.


This piece is available for $750.00
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