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Kinetic light Sculpture

"Entropy 2.2"
completed July 2017
12" X 36" X 3"

Guy Marsden with "Entropy 2.2"

This is the second comission based on my earlier "Entropy 2" completed in 2009, hence the title: "Entropy 2.2".

When first powered, light begins by scrolling down from the top, filling the frame with first red, then green and other bands of raw color.  The color bands degrade and de-cohere as they progress down over time.  The colors de-saturate, becoming more pastel.  After a few minutes the color entropy reaches a relatively homogenous effect and that holds for several more minutes. 

The sequence begins again about 8 minutes later as solid color bands wash downwards over the jumbled color field.

"Entropy 2.2" full view 1 "Entropy 2.2" full view 2 
Entropy 2.2 full view 3  Entropy 2.2 full view 4 

Here's a video:

Jump to 4:22 to see the color overlay effect

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